Tips for Making and Packing School Lunches!

The first day of school has long since past and we are guessing that your enthusiasm to pack healthy lunches may be starting to fade as well.  Always remember…Children that eat well, learn well. A variety of food provides the energy and nutrients needed to pay attention, learn, grow and be active! Over the next few weeks we will feature more blog posts to help you confidently prepare that oh so important meal away from home for you kids.


Use these tips to prepare healthy school lunches and snacks for your kids and stay tuned for lunch time inspiration and recipes.

  1. Include a variety of fruit and veggies for every meal and snack. Fresh, frozen, canned, local – it’s all good!
  2. Go for 4 food groups for lunch and 2 food groups for snacks. Include food from Vegetables & Fruit, Grain Products (choose whole grain!), Meat & Alternatives, and Milk & Alternatives.
  3. Send a re-usable water bottle with water every day.
  4. Involve your kids in planning and preparing – it takes two to mango! Kids are more likely to eat food that they were involved in making.
  5. Be a positive role model. Kids are smart and always watching, so if you’re eating the veggies, they’ll likely eat them too!

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