Shine Your Shoes, Let’s Walk to School!!

October is International Walk to School Month. What a great time to encourage your kids to walk, bike or wheel to and from school. Use these tips to help your kids get to school safely.

Buddy up. The saying goes the more the merrier!  Make walking to school more entertaining by walking with your child to school as a family, or helping them find a walking buddy like a friend or neighbour.  Bonus, the larger the group, the more visible they will be to drivers.



Pick your route. Before your walk, decide on the best route by finding crosswalks, stop signs, landmarks and traffic safety hazards. If you live out of town or feel the walk will be too far try parking a few blocks away and walking to school from your car.

Put away the electronics. Remind your child to be alert when travelling to school. Store music players and phones in their backpack or leave them at home.

Walking Home Alone

Don’t let weather get in your way.  Most kids love jumping in the puddles or rolling in the snow when it arrives. Dress your child warmly for cold days and in proper rain gear for wet days will make sure that they will be warm and dry on their walk to school and at recess.  Walking is great in any kind of weather!

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